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Shadows of the Blue RIdge


Anybody's Child

A perfect family. A buried secret. A deadly price.


It’s the middle of the night in rural Nelson County, Virginia, when a murder sets off a series of events that will rock the small community and the reputation of its most prominent residents. Beth Shannon searches for a killer before the police arrest her for her mom’s murder, Raven Knight plots revenge at any cost to put her father behind bars, and Charleigh Cartier flees from the man who holds her captive to protect her young daughter. With one dark secret binding the lives of three women, how will a jaded detective help them uncover the truth?

Mystery’s Child


Old ghosts can come back to haunt you.


Single parent LYNNE CARTER struggles to adjust to life alone. Since her best friend’s murder and her daughter is away at college, she’s felt out of sync with the rest of the world. In fact, with recent unexplained events, she questions her own sanity. When she spots a strange man following her and receives death threats, she knows it’s time to enlist the help of the local authorities.


Homicide detective GALVIN ARNOLD is no stranger when it comes to dealing with the rural, sometimes eccentric neighbors in his small town. But the self-assured lawyer is not one of them. When she walks into his office, visibly shaken, it gets his attention. She has a letter that matches one from a thirty-year-old cold case he’s working for his friend DR. KATHRYN BALDWIN. The more he digs, the more he realizes he needs to protect them both at any cost.

Wrath’s Child 


Former FBI Agent and now private detective RAVEN KNIGHT reluctantly takes on a client who insists Raven is her only hope to clear her father of a sixty-year-old murder case. When Raven’s nosey neighbor, THELMA JENSON digs up a diary, long buried in her garden, the information brings new light on the conviction. Determined to clear the name of an innocent man and see the true killer come to justice, Raven chips away on the decades-old trail. As she narrowly escapes an attempt on her life, she determines to catch the culprit before she becomes the next victim.


When newly elected Sheriff ROGER SHANNON agrees to help the sassy private investigator look into an old murder case, he never imagines the impact it will have on his eight-year-old daughter, Mindy. The increased danger he puts on their family triggers suppressed memories Mindy has of her own mother’s murder. As she once again witnesses a brutal act, he rushes to find the real killer or risk losing her forever.

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