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Finding Frankie



Outlaw Frankie McNeal is used to doing whatever it takes to survive, but she’s tired of robbing banks and dodging the law. She’s convinced there must be more to life. Determined to find a better way for herself and her youngest brother with the money she’s saved, Frankie’s positive one more robbery should give them the fresh start they need. When they are shot and left for dead, she’s bent on revenge for her brother’s death. It makes little difference if the man responsible is her pa.


When Daniel Myers stumbles across the injured woman dressed as a man, he suspects she’s part of the gang that killed his wife. The last thing he wants to do is bring trouble home to his daughter. Torn between leaving the woman to the coyotes and the need for justice, he promises to get her well enough to turn over to the law. But Daniel is a man with his own secrets. He struggles to justify his beliefs and his own sense of forgiveness when faced with his growing attraction. Set against a backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, they’ll learn there’s a thin line between revenge and redemption—especially when the path is paved with dark secrets.

Guiding Grace



Far from the invalid others think she is, Grace Myers understands what it’s like to be alone in a world full of people. A childhood illness leaves her with a weak heart, but she’s determined not to let it stop her. Tired of being coddled, she’s ready to follow her dreams at any cost. But when a bold move lands her into the hands of a killer, Grace must convince everyone that her bizarre account of escape isn’t something she’s imagined. She’ll have to swallow her pride and find the one witness who knows the truth. But what the scruffy stranger proposes in exchange for his cooperation is more insane than even her wild imagination could make up.


Trouble trots along with Jesse Blake like a lost pup. Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, he’s had his fair share of scrapes with the law, and as far as he’s concerned, they only exist to protect the rich. Despite his opinion, he’s still rattled when he sees a young woman attacked by a man wearing a police uniform and must intervene. He suspects it’s the same predator holding the city in fear—if only he’d gotten a better look at his face. But when he recognizes the girl is the same pampered miss who cost him his job earlier in the week, it gives him an idea. He’s convinced his proposition is the answer to both their problems, and with any luck, he’ll get her to agree before the murderer strikes again.

Marrying Maddie

Perfectionist Maddie Blake loves order. She volunteers at the local medical clinic, and her charity work keeps her too busy to concern herself with the prospect of romance. Her life makes sense, but with rumors from abroad stirring up sentiment, she fears a major change in the country. There’s nothing tidy about a war. When friends convince her to go to the train station to pass boxed lunches to the soldiers going through, she feels duty bound to do her part in the war effort. No one is more surprised than Maddie when a charming soldier cajoles her into giving him her address and a pledge to write. Little did she know his witty letters would expose a piece of her heart she’d thought safely hidden away. They plan to wed the day he returns, but when he stands her up at the altar and her parents fall ill with the deadly Spanish Flu, she has nowhere to turn except a wealthy older businessman. Shoving aside the messy romantic notions that clouded her brain, she agrees to a marriage of convenience. The problem is Maddie’s feelings can’t be tucked away as easily as they once were.


James Irving has never been serious a day in his life. Not even his parents believe he’s leaving for war until he shows them his registration card. When he meets a somber-eyed brunette who hands him a boxed lunch through the train window, James is sure he’s met the woman he’s going to marry. With her address in hand, he promises to return in one piece and claim her for his own. Their exchange of letters over the course of the war results in her consenting to marriage—only he doesn’t count on the devastating loss of a limb or contracting the Spanish Flu. By the time he recovers and makes it back to her side, she’s wearing another man’s ring. The war’s been hard on him. He never had much to offer a girl like Maddie, and now there’s even less of him. Jaded and broken, he wonders if he has what it takes to heal the lingering wounds left by this devastating war.

Loving Lacy

Centenarian Lacy J. Irving knows a thing or two about fighting. She’s spent a lifetime overcoming obstacles. When the angels come knocking on her door to carry her home, she digs in her heels and declares they’ll have to take a raincheck. Her old eyes still have one thing to see, and she’s determined she’s not going anywhere until she does. Lacy goes back to her childhood and relives the hardships of the depression, the joys of falling in love, and the heartbreak of loss during World War II. When she makes a pact with the Lord, she aims to see He keeps his side of the bargain. He never breaks a promise . . . well, almost never.

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